What we do


Introducing recognised standards of pharmaceutical best practice. GLP and GMP. qualityassurance quaityaudit auditing audit assurance quality quality

Increase revenue for your business

I am able to use my sales, marketing and networking skills to help you to maximise the value of your business. I can do this by finding opportunities in the market which may be hidden within other innovation areas. Innovation performance can be evaluated and a strategy is developed and implemented. businessdevelopment funding innovation

Enhance technical sales staff contribution through training

I can help you to improve staff competences in sales and marketing techniques. Sales training specifically developed for technical environments, selling benefits. Use of Customer Relationship Management techniques to improve communication.

Improve speed to market of new products

I have taken many products from inception to launch, developing sales and marketing strategies. Re-focussing sales effort to market priorities for faster return of established products.

Improve delivery of message in international markets

Businesses launching products in international markets often require specialist help in the production of sales literature. I have developed many sales aides for distributors and agents to enable clear communication of the benefits of products or services to international markets.



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